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CoreHealth is the all-in-one platform for corporate wellness innovators

Improving your corporate wellness programs and growing your company starts with having the best technology and tools. The CoreHealth platform gives you the freedom and flexibility to try new ideas and gain new clients.

Growing a business is about more than increasing your client base - you need to keep them happy too! CoreHealth gives you the agility and adaptability to scale your programs as you expand by adding new divisions, locations and clients - NO problem!

The CoreHealth team and technology flex to accommodate all your clients’ needs, anywhere, anytime. Employers want to maximize employee health, engagement and productivity. We're here to help you deliver.

You need to be able to do the 'handstand-touch-your-nose-with-your-toes' pose, today and tomorrow. We get that.

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All-in-One Corporate Wellness Platform

CoreHealth brings all your corporate wellness programs into one place. Health assessments, biometric management, education, challenges, self-help programs, coach facilitation, events, incentives, surveys, social collaboration — and more! We help you inspire and engage a life-changing journey to health.

Wellness providers trust CoreHealth because we provide the technology only and leave the health and wellness programs and services to you (the well-being experts!) — making sure that your ideas and innovations are safe, secure and protected.

Simple to sophisticated, based on you.

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