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The healthcare industry is struggling right now with unaffordable costs, burnout, and lifestyle-related disease epidemics, driving disruptive change as far as the eye can see. Wellcoaches has trained more than 10,000 health coaches since 2002. They understand how coaching habits transform us and those we serve. Now they want to deliver to everyone in healthcare the keystone habits that enable positive change and a patient-centered coaching culture where everyone grows together.

Habit-making is how you take care of your future today – Coach Meg

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A habit is the simplest and smallest unit of behavior and mindset that improves your performance and well-being. To be sustained, a habit needs regular practice plus a good dose of both motivation and confidence. Habits become strong and automatic with repetition.

A powerful habit which starts a chain reaction that transforms other habits and changes the game. It delivers early wins and unlocks hope in the possibility of change. Keystone habits are so powerful that they not only change us but the culture around us when we engage in them together. 

Your Habits Library

Your Habits Library has several habits collections to choose from. Our first habit collections focus on:habits-library-image---cropped

  • Coaching
  • Behavior Change
  • Emotional Balance
  • Burnout Prevention
  • Transformational Leadership

Each habit (70+ habits to choose from) comes with a 5-10 minute video, resources, reminders and tracker.

Available on CoreHealth

The wellcoaches habits program was developed on the CoreHealth corporate wellness platform 

"Each module has been valuable but this one has particular meaning for me right now. I am deeply grateful for it.  Finding positive in my negative emotions has increased my gratitude. There has been much purpose and discovery." – Cindy