Health and Wellness Content Management

HealthFeed delivers contextually specific, targeted and member specific educational content, micro-targeted health content campaigns, polls/quizzes and more, along with data analytics. Deliver member-specific content using their Content Manager module with a completely automated algorithm where accessible content is tailored to each individual.

The algorithmic process records the specific member’s health condition through completed health risk assessments, biometrics, demographics data and more. It then finds the most relevant pieces of content for a member from a library of educational articles and videos.

Content sources include Medline, various online sources and licensed content from third-party sources.

Campaign Manager

The Campaign Manager module increases the flexibility of the CoreHealth Corporate Wellness Platform by enabling the delivery of micro-targeted, on-the-fly, dynamic content campaigns. Want to increase engagement, drive awareness, or learn more about current health and wellness behavior through polls, surveys and quizzes? Using HealthFeed's Campaign Manager and CoreHealth's easy editing tools, you can micro-target your content using existing participants' health data or participants’ interaction/response to educational content, polls and quizzes previously served.

The Content and Campaign Manager modules are supported by a powerful Data Analytics module that tracks member actions, mines click data and provides actionable member insights.

Watch a past webinar hosted by CoreHealth that showcases the capabilities of HealthFeed here! 
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Available on CoreHealth

HealthFeed is available via the CoreHealth corporate wellness platform and provides a seamless end-user experience.


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By automatically presenting contextually specific and targeted content to members, HealthFeed, not only engages members but also activates them in their care management process.


Anoo Nathan,
CEO of Smartmonitor Inc.