Audio Wellness for a Mobile World

Our mobile world is changing how people consume content. Podcasts and audio programs have experienced massive growth because millions of people love to listen to something while driving, walking, and exercising. With audio, your wellness program can go on those journeys, too.

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Wellness Comes Alive

Audio is uniquely engaging – the brain is activated in a way very different from other media. Audio allows people to listen anywhere at their convenience and is ideal for topics like mindfulness. Go Well audio programs are easy to deploy and promote. They are accessed through the CoreHealth platform and are not available to the general public. 

  • Each wellness podcast is built for corporate wellness by people who have been in the trenches. 
  • Listen on any phone or desktop.
  • Launch kit includes flyer, emails, participant guide, and program description.
  • A great alternative standard for HIPAA compliance.

A great way to give employees "something new." They can listen while commuting, getting active and learning relaxation.

GO Well Media Programs go-well-media-program-image

  • Smoke Free - Learn 3 key steps to quit smoking. Make a powerful plan to quit with confidence, receive tips and encouragement for the first weeks of quitting, and learn time-tested strategies for staying successful in the long run! 3 episodes.
  • Relax Hacks - Shut your eyes and follow your guide through 5 easy relaxation techniques based on mindfulness. 12 episodes.
  • Mindful Moments - Discover what it means to apply mindfulness to our daily lives. Plus, shut your eyes through four fantastic exercises in this calming audio program!
  • The Sugar Show - A quirky and engaging program that explains why you should reduce sugar and how to eat more whole foods. A fun game show plus interview with a nutritionist.
  • Sync - No matter how good (or bad) you may feel you are at creating rapport, you can boost this powerful skill. Includes conversational modeling and mindful listening. 3 episodes.

New programs are released on a regular basis – let us know your areas of need and interest.

Listen to what their listeners have to say!

  • "It was awesome and engaging."
    "This is crazy, crazy good!”
  • "I love the Sugar Show!”
  • "I listened on my computer and my phone. Very easy!"
  • “The speakers were fun to listen to.”
  • "I listened on my way to work.”
  • “The host and guests had lots of energy.”
  • “So convenient!"

Available on CoreHealth

Go Well is available via the CoreHealth corporate wellness platform and provides a seamless end-user experience.